We were on a podcast!

In this episode, the we have a conversation with Christina Gravina, the creator of BILT (Bridging Independent Living Together) in Woburn Massachusetts.

Christina’s organization is dedicated to closing the care gap and improving the independence, skills, and community engagement of individuals. They achieve this by offering assistance and support in various aspects, including housing, socialization, education, job prospects, and recreational activities. The discussion also delves into the challenges of providing high-quality adult services and strategies for staff retention.

Publication: Finding and Maintaining a job at CVS through Family Supports.

Tatiana is a young woman from Boston who loves modeling, theater, and her community. She works at CVS, studies at a local college, and aspires to teach children. Her parents supported her in finding a job at CVS, where she initially faced challenges. With the help of a job coach, Tatiana improved her skills and now takes on more responsibilities, helping customers and assisting those in need. This experience underscores the importance of setting high expectations for individuals with disabilities, starting early in exploring employment, and seeking support when necessary.


North Andover Public Television

Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. works to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through compassionate support. Our team is committed to bridging the gap of care to enhance individuals’ independence, maximize their capabilities, and provide meaningful community inclusion by assisting and supporting their choices with regard to housing, socialization, learning, employment opportunities and recreational activities.

We sat down with the Ability Assistance Committee on the North Andover Community Access Media channel to discuss our agency!