Theatre Games & Storytelling-Making Characters: Fun with Different Voices and Accents

Theatre Games & Storytelling-Tell Your Own Story—About You!

Get creative with acting out your own stories, making speeches, telling jokes, and playing theatre games. This is a group for you if you love holding a microphone and sharing your voice, your humor, your ideas, and your stories. Let’s get together and give each other the spotlight!

This class is designed to work on communication skills, social-emotional skills, and to of course have fun! Taught by Val Walker, who has 23 years’ experience in the social services field as a counselor, group facilitator and activities specialist. She has a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and a BA in Theatre.

In this class, you create new characters to act out. You pick and choose a role you would like to play and turn your voice and actions into a character. For example, does your character have a high sweet voice or a deep low voice? Does your character have an accent such as a British accent or a Southern accent? We have fun using different voices and accents and play with all
kinds of characters.


$65 per person


Individuals should be dropped off and picked up, or attend with their 1:1.


BILT intake and consents must be completed prior to individuals being dropped off alone.

Please note that all event will have pictures taken which may be shared through social media and other marketing campaigns for fundraising and advocacy purposes.

Individuals coming with a 1:1 are welcome to attend.


Bookings are closed for this event.