Screemfest-Canoby Lake Park

Canoby Lake Park will be having their annual SCREEMFEST again this year and we will be taking a social group there!
The plan will be to meet in Woburn at noon to take the trip there together. Their are haunted houses, roller coasters, and live shows. 

We will plan to leave around 530pm after getting a bite to eat. Arrival back in Woburn will be around 630pm.

Individuals will be encouraged to participate with activities and rides they are comfortable on. Please note we went last year and many of the individuals did not participate in “scary activities”, it was very family friendly. All individuals coming should be able to transfer themselves on and off rides for safety purposes.

This outing is ideal for individuals over the age of 16.

Price including tickets, staffing for 6.5 hours and transport is $295. Does not include what the individual would like to eat or drink while there.

BILT consents will be required for individuals to participate.

*Please note that all social event will have pictures taken and shared with others as some photos are used for fundraising and advocacy purposes.