Intro to Pottery @ Pottery on the Common

Intro to Pottery @ Pottery on the Common!


We will betaking a very special trip to Pottery on the Common in Stoneham to take anintroductory pottery class! We will learn the basics of the pottery wheelincluding how to make simple projects. The individuals will each get to createsome special items that we will be pick up once glazed (a few weeks later) andthey will be able to take home. Staff will be assisting the individualsthroughout the class & the space is handicap accessible.

Individualswith a 1:1 welcome to attend.


Individuals should be dropped off at9am at the Woburn office or at 930am at Pottery on the Common. The class willgo until 1130am and then individuals have the option to be picked up directlyfrom there at at that time, or at 12pm at the Woburn office.


$170 per person 


BILT intake and consents must becompleted prior to individuals being dropped off alone.

Please note that all social event willhave pictures taken and shared with others as some photos are used forfundraising and advocacy purposes.

In the event of weather not working inour favor we will make an alternative plan involving exercise or walk indoors.


Bookings are closed for this event.