Harbor Island Ferry to Spectacle Island

Let’s take advantage of the weather and go explore a Boston Harbor Island! This group is ideal for teens and young adults.

We will be meeting by 10:00am at Long Wharf North Station-66 Long Wharf, Boston, MA 02110 OR pick up from Woburn office at 915am for an additional charge.

We will ride on the ferry to Spectacle Island, arriving there by 11:00am. From there we will visit the welcome center, walk around the island, and go to the beach.

Individuals should bring with them: Bathing suits, change of clothes, water, sunblock, towel, and picnic lunch in a bag that they are able to carry.

A “snack cart” is available on the island but they do not have a menu posted. Last year they had items like tacos, ice cream sandwiches, etc. but this is not a guarantee.

We will board the ferry around 130pm to bring us back to long wharf station by 2pm. Pick up from the Woburn office will be around 230p-245pm.

Cost per trip-$225 per person, not including cost of individual food or souvenirs.

*Please note that all social event will have pictures taken and shared with others as some photos are used for fundraising and advocacy purposes.


Bookings are closed for this event.