Fine Motor Fun! (for teens and adults)


Just because you are not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to work on your fine motor skills to keep up your hand strength.

We will be having Katina Lawdis, Occupational Therapist, lead this class that will target working on the individuals’ fine motor skills, all while having fun in a group setting.

The class will consist of a variety of activities including:

-life skills practice with every day challenges such as buttons, shoe laces, water bottles, etc.

-Hand exercises and using hand strength tools

-card games/tabletop activities

-vocation skills using scissors, elastics, (safe) hammer/nails


And more! The purpose of this class will be to have fun while strengthening our skills.

Sign up today! You won’t want to miss this fun (and therapeutic!) class!


$125 per person

Membership tiers for those interested in multiple classes available. Please contact


Please note that all social event will have pictures taken and shared with others as some photos are used for fundraising and advocacy purposes.


Bookings are closed for this event.