Cooking Club

Come cook with us in our new space!

We will be creating different meals, weekly, with the assistance of visual aid recipes for our individuals.

The goal of the course is to have individuals participate in making their own food items, assist with cooking the items, and of course eat the items! During down times we will be working on conversational skills and group leisure activities. We aim to have the individuals prepare foods that they could do independently down the line, AND that they will actually eat.

The course will be capped at 8 individuals (1:1s welcome to attend if we know in advance). If individuals want to attend but not eat the food and bring their own food items that is ok too.

This is a four week class but drop in’s are welcome to come with advance sign up. Please advise if your individual is gluten free.

Meals to be created-
10/4-Grilled cheese & sweet potato fries

10/11-Regular or chocolate chip pancakes, fruit salad

10/18-Chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies

10/25- Mini pizzas, Halloween pudding cups with the fixings (cookie crumble and gummy worms)

$100 per session

*Please note that all social event will have pictures taken and shared with others as some photos are used for fundraising and advocacy purposes.


Bookings are closed for this event.