Always En Route-Scottish Rite Museum

Always en route

We are hitting the road to explore someof New England! The purpose of these classes are to go to variousestablishments with similar peers, working on independent living skills in anaturalistic/inclusive manner, and of course have fun!

For all classes individuals should bringa picnic lunch that doesn’t need to be heated so it can be consumed in thecommunity. We will meet at the center at 12pm and pick up should be from thereat 3pm. 


$80 per person


Individuals should be dropped off andpicked up, or attend with their 1:1.


BILT intake and consents must becompleted prior to individuals being dropped off alone.

Please note that all event will havepictures taken which may be shared through social media and other marketingcampaigns for fundraising and advocacy purposes.

Individuals coming with a 1:1 are welcometo attend.


Bookings are closed for this event.