Christina Gravina, CEO

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Chritina is one of the founders of Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. Christina has been working in the Human Services field for the past 10 years and has gained extensive experience with promoting independence in individuals’ lifes, despite interfering behaviors. While working for her Bachelors at UMass Boston and Masters Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis from UMASS Lowell, Christina worked as a direct care staff and residential manager of medical group homes.

Most recently Christina has worked as residential area director for several group homes, providing not only guidance to her many staff but also directly advocated for individuals rights, advocation, and independece. Pasionate about her work, Christina works as a behaviorist to individuals, which includes planing and protocols approved by Human Rights Committees, in-home ABA therapist/tutor, family support advocate, as well as a recreational and vocational leader.

With an understanding of the individual and family’s goals, as well as extensive experience with navigating current services and systems, Christina is able to personalize services to deliver innovative and qualified services for every individual served.

Mary Cunningham, President

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Mary Cunningham is the other founder of Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. Mary has also been working in the Human Services field for the past 11 years and during that time has experienced immense personal and professional growth. With a degree in Criminal Justice, she was able to enhance her education while remaining within the Human Services field.

Mary has held a range of jobs within the human services field, starting out as volunteer work to most recently obtaining a Residential Coordinator position. Through these experiences she developed a specific vision of how she wants an agency to be ran in order to provide the greatest support possible for those in which she serves; an agency that will stop at nothing to support and promote individual growth and opportunity.

Here at Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc., we strive to create an atmosphere that promotes a life full of development and meaningful opportunities for those of all abilities and to eliminate barriers and restrictions that will interfere with clients reaching their utmost potential.

Our Vision

Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. intends to enrich the lives of people with disabilities. Through compassionate support provided by Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc., those individuals' independence will be enhanced, their capabilities maximized and a full and meaningful community inclusion will be achieved for them Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. is committed to bridging the gap between the individuals who it serves and their independence by assisting and supporting their choices with regard to housing, socialization, learning, employment opportunities and recreational activities which will benefit them.

Core Values